Face cream 50 ml 24H day/night

CAPACITÀ: 50 ml LINEA: Cosmetics CODICE: CV-ID24

€ 26.90

leaves the skin soft, elastic, toned,
smooth and hydrated

• applied under make up creates an
invisible protective base

• non-greasy.

• intense hydration for 24 h  

GAMMA-ORYZANOL, obtained from the rice
brain oil, with antioxidant and moisturizing effect

• VITAMIN A antioxidant and anti

• with SWEET ALMOND OIL, moisturizing and
elasticizing action. Protects the skin against external influences and make the
skin silky to the touch

• with SHEA BUTTER that helps to repair,
nourish and hydrate the skin. It’s a powerful natural anti-wrikles due to the
antioxidant properties

• with Aloe Vera, moisturizing and
reduces redness